Road accidents is a global tragedy with ever raising trend.They are common fare in our daily news as we see these accidents happen almost everyday.Accidents are generally classified as single vehicle either colliding with fixed objects or  multiple vehicle accidents in which two or more vehicle can collide head-on.Most people continue to be negligent and ignore the dangers involved in their driving and so,these accidents happen.

               Carelessness is one of the cause of road accidents in our country.Under carelessness, we have various examples which include,using a handheld mobile telephone while the vehicle is moving,driving through the red light,emerging from a side road into the path of another vehicle.          

Lack of experience and licencing untrained drivers (that is those without the knowledge of road signs) and also those with the blur eye sight who drive at night is one of the major cause of escalating accidents rate in this country.

            Drunkeness.Most drivers drive under the influence of alcohol,intoxicated substances and under stress caused by economic or family problems which because of the state of mind affect them causing road accidents.According to Dr. Lawrence Edusei, A Pathologist, from Korle-bu Teaching Hospital,In the year 2006, most drivers had high percentages of blood alcohol (ranging from 300-383/100ml), which is far above the accepted level of 2.43/100ml. This is enough to cause motor accidents.

          Also,Lack of sensitivity and responsibility on the part of  state authorities to look into situations on the roads like mal-functioning traffic lights.It shows that human sensibility and life respecting emotions of state authorities  have been dulled and desentilized on our roads.It is a sad reflection of deterioration in the effectiveness and debility of governance in the country.

        In addition,Disregarding of  road signs and warning signs.Some drivers are more concerned of getting to their destination than of how they would get there.These drivers violate road signs and laws just to get to where they are going.

         Issues that need to be considered in order to curb accidents are policies made by the government to make sure that roads are well constructed and maintained.

         There should be strategies that will eliminate corruption at the D.V.L.A to make sure the right thing is done.That’s issuing of fake driving licence and also licence to individuals who havnt gone through the driving test by th D.V.L.A.

        Passengers should also be vigilant enough to check drivers when they are overspeeding and driving under the influence of alcohol.Police men and women should help in playing  major role to check drivers do the right thing to eliminate road accidents.

       Enforcements of appropriate legislation to make sure that all commercial and private drivers are well trained before they attain  driving license to drive on the streets.

      The Ghana Police should also make sure that all broken down vehicles are towed off the streets.

      The urgency and the need for action lies in the fact that every nation’s best resources are its people.When road accidents are taken cognisance of, the cost of police and fire personnels responding to accidents will be reduced and  productive time will be saved.

                              Catherine Kudoyor.

                             Manifold Institute.

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    • Altaf Ahmed Piracha says:

      Traffic problems are every where in the world. It is due to the error of the drivers. The drivers who drive their vehicle at night, they use alcohol or drugs. Sometime they sleep while others use mobile phone. By using mobile phone their attention is diverted and cause accidents. Moreover the traffic laws should be implemented in every manner.

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